Peripatetic Observations

I wrote yesterday about the usefulness of walking around. I walk around an hour and twenty minutes a day, including my walk from the Metro etc. I cannot say that I spend all that time thinking, but I do have a kind of “commuter radio.”  I get “NPR Marketplace” and some Brazilian podcasts, as well as my usual audiobooks.  I don’t think I could just sit still and listen to these things. 

One of the good things about the walk is being able to look around and feel all the daily changes. Up top and just above show the changing neighborhood. On top are modified “shotgun shacks”.  You can see that they are simple.They call them shotgun shacks because a shotgun fired at the front door would go right through the whole house. These places won’t be here much longer. Immediately above is new construction. The new condominiums will almost literally cast a shadow on the shotgun shacks. How long until somebody builds something here?  Below – We recently had some thawing and I enjoyed watching the melt-water flow. The picture isn’t so pretty but those who like flowing water in all its forms will understand.