Pompeii 2

Admit it. What attracts most people to Pompeii is not its wonderful life but its extraordinary death. We saw the casts of some of the victims. Pompeii had an estimated 20,000 people. They documented the remains of around 4000 and of those there are about 103 casts. Scientists estimate that the rest of the people tried to escape into the ocean but were lost at sea, since the volcano shook the earth and water and the gases did not sit only on the city.

The casts are not people covered in ash, like chocolate covered peanuts. Rather, the bodies decayed under the ash leaving cavities, which researchers filled with plaster. There still are human remains. The casts contain bones, but the ash did not make the casts.

Most of the casts are in museums. There are three of them still at Pompeii. You can see them, two men and a dog. The last photo is the Pompeii Forum.