Back when I was in my archeology stage (mentioned earlier) I thought history was in the past. I made the distinction at least. After living more life and seeing history, I now understand that human nature is pretty much the same through the ages, even as circumstances change.

A pleasant place
If you want to understand ancient Pompeii, indeed visit the ruins, but then go to Sorrento, down the coast. If Pompeii was resurrected to modern times, it would be Sorrento, a thoroughly pleasant place where you can enjoy life.

Sweet drinks

The area is known for citrus and they made make an alcoholic drink called limoncello. We went to a shop and tasted some along with a similar drink made from cantaloupe. We bought a bottle of the cantaloupe drink and some lemon creme. Down the road, we got some lemon ice cream and Chrissy got a nice purse. What attracted us to the shop was the smell of the leather. They instantly gave us a 20% discount. I would like to credit our negotiating skills, but we never deployed them. They just list the higher price and give everybody that special deal.

My picture show Chrissy enjoying the lemon gelato. Next three are from Sorrento. Notice the beautiful clear water. The last picture is a St Francis chapel, popular for weddings. We barged into one.