Spam, wonderful Spam
Hormel, the maker of Spam, is just a little off I-90 in Austin, Minnesota, so we stopped off at the Spam museum that they run there.
I am not a big fan of Spam, but I sometimes like it for breakfast with eggs. The advantage of Spam is that it is easy to cook and evidently lasts almost forever in the can.
I inherited a whole pantry of the stuff when I was in graduate-school in Madison. Whoever was living there before just abandoned it. My food budget was very low in those days, so all that Spam became a big part of my diet for the next six months or so until it was gone. The biggest problem was the cans. They had a kind of twist key that you used to peel back the tin. It was hard not to cut your hands. They have since addressed the problem. Now it has a kind of pop-top.
People say that we don’t know what is in Spam.  We know it is pork.  Beyond that, I don’t care or really want to know.  You should not ask how laws, sausage … or Spam are made.
Of course, the last words in Spam were from Monty Python.

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