Craft beer in Sioux Falls
We stopped for the night in Sioux Falls.  It is a pleasant, medium-sized city.  It was founded because of the waterfalls, as the name implies.   It is not a very big river, but it was evidently enough to power grain mills.
There is a nice park where around the falls.  There rocks were laid down millions of years ago, when the earth was much warmer and the middle of what is now North America was under a shallow, warm inland sea, as I learned from a plaque in the park.
Chrissy and I had supper at a place called “Monk’s House of Ale Repute” where they had craft beers.  Like many such places, it was located in an old industrial building.  These things appeal to people like us.  It is as close to “cool” as we ever get or ever want to approach.

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