Lobbying for forests

Espen came along to this year’s forestry lobbying event. We went to see staffers involved in forestry or environment for the offices of Senators Warner & Kaine, and those of Representatives Connolly, Wittman, Goodlatte & Griffith.

We emphasized the urgent need to fix the way we fight wildfires and the important opportunity to use more wood in new ways through the Timber Innovation Act. I feel passionate about both these things. I know that we cannot avoid fires, but we can often choose place and times when they will be beneficial and not so dire. In the last year, I have become an evangelist for new uses of mass timber. I am eager to advocate for both these things. We also talked about tax policies. I let my colleagues do the talking. These are important issue too, but they are not among my key issues.

We were lucky enough to speak with Rep Connolly himself. Connolly is my Representative. We got to know him when he was Providence District seat on the Fairfax County Board. Chrissy met him a couple times when she was president of the Providence Park HOA. I always liked him and have voted for him. We talked a little about his support for the Mosaic District and the Gerald Connolly Trail, which we enjoy. There are no tree farms in Fairfax County, so we could not talk directly about that.

My pictures show similar views of the Capitol, the first with Espen. It was a nice, crisp day and the Capitol looked particularly beautiful today. The second last picture is General George Henry Thomas. He was a Virginian who chose to fight for the Union. Last is a sign on the Metro. I am not sure the prospect of turning an escalator into a slide would discourage young men.