Zion and Hidden Canyon

We had wonderful weather today, cool in the morning and only about 85 (low humidity) by the afternoon.

We got some rain, which meant that we could not walk much up the narrows canyon through the water, for fear of flash floods. I didn’t want to do this anyway. I don’t think it is much fun to slosh through water and soak my boots. I admit that I used the threat of flash flood as an excuse, but the authorities do warn against this.

We walked up the path to hidden canyon. This canyon remained hidden until somebody fell in and discovered it. It was a pretty walk and not very hard or scary, but there were some tight ledges.

You can see us on the trails. I have included a video of the weeping rock. Water falls on the plateau above, seeps through the permeable sand and rock until it hits impermeable “aquicludes” and it drips out.