Well managed forests

“Scientists have discovered that private forests that are harvested and regenerated yield about 30 percent more carbon sequestration benefits than if they are left to grow.” I think true scientists and forest managers have long known these things. If we manage our forests well, we get more of almost everything we want AND we do it profitably.
The problem has been that ignorant activists have used emotion and passion to trump both science and experience. BTW – those of you who have that thing on the bottom of your email about saving trees by not printing, please remove it. Using less paper may be a good thing in terms of saving money and energy, but it does not save trees.
Reference – http://www.capitalpress.com/California/20150513/forest-thinning-could-boost-sierra-water-yields-researchers-say?utm_source=WIT051515&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=WeekInTrees