Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is where the Great Lakes, all of them, empty in the last one, Ontario. Well, some of the water from Lake Michigan now goes through the Chicago canal into the Mississippi system, but that is not much. The Falls are not that high but it is a lot of water.
I have a strong emotional connection to the idea of the Lakes. I grew up near Lake Michigan and studied the Ice Age that created it since the time my mother read natural history books to me before I could read them myself. That Ice Age is named “Wisconsin” after my home state because of all the evidence of its action so easily seen in the hills and lakes there. Someday, I will walk the whole of the Wisconsin Ice Age Trail Alliance trail across the state.
The Wisconsin Ice Age ended only about 11000 years ago. That is about 9000 BC, not really very long ago in geological time. When the climate got warm enough for all that ice to melt, it created the Great Lakes and Niagara Falls. The falls have been backing up, eroding away, ever since. In a twinkle of geological time, the Lakes and the Falls will be gone. Of course, by that time so will we.

Anyway, I have some pictures. They say that the Canadian side is better and they are right for the simple reason that the falls flow toward that side of the river so you see the front from that end.