Uberlandia 2

Uberlandia sits in the middle of a plateau. It is flat mostly, but 900 meters high.  Like Brasilia, there is a strong wet and dry season and there is lots of water wet season.  This water has to go down and when it does it is captured by dams that make much of Brazil’s hydropower.  Lots of the big reservoirs are near Uberlandia.

We went to the Federal University of Uberlandia (UFU).  It is a modern looking place with an energetic rector.  The place was founded thirty-five years ago.

The road from Uberlandia to Goiania was pretty good and mostly uneventful. There are lots of trucks, however.  Uberlandia is a transport hub, since it is relatively centrally located and on good roads. Almost all the goods that move in Brazil move on trucks.  Railroad and water transport is underdeveloped. This is too bad, since transport by truck is less efficient and the roads are really not very good. The picture above shows the road from a truck stop.  As usual, my camera could not pick up all the beautiful colors, but with a little imagination you might be able to appreciate it.