Using the disc

I used my new machines to disc and then I planted pollinator mix on Brodnax & Freeman. The Brodnax situation is special. I planted the pollinator mix where the HS kids will plant trees this upcoming Saturday. This used to be a deer plot, which is why it is so flat and clear. I am making two assumptions. The first is that the trees (they are planting loblolly) will not be significantly harmed by the grass and forbs and second that it will be 6-8 years before the new canopy closes. By that time, we will likely have harvested the trees around this place and the seed bank will have spread there.  

My first picture is my area I plowed and planted. The HS kids will also plant under those trees we burned too hot. Next picture is a big white oak. We got poor survival of the 2016 longleaf right next to that tree. I was going to replant, but decided to let around ten acres become an oak-pine forest. I have planted some oak trees, but I am also going to allow natural regeneration from trees like that one. Picture #3 is from the Brodnax SMZ. I just think it is pretty. The penultimate picture is my new Coke holder on my ATV. Last is Loves at Exit 104. I didn’t get a good picture. Too dark. I wanted to take the picture because of the very rapid gas price decline. Gas cost $1.95 at Exit 104. It was only $1.85 in Petersburg.