Checking on Freeman fire

I was surprised and delighted to find that I could get a box of Virginia longleaf, so I drove down to the Garland Grey nursery and then on to the Freeman place to plant them. We still will be getting 3000 more from Bodenhammer in North Carolina, but it was good to put another 344 (that was the number in the box) trees into the breach. I enjoy planting the trees, even if it takes me a long time.

We will see if the Virginia trees behave differently from their North Carolina cousins.

I also inspected the results of our fire. My 2012 longleaf are scorched. This would terrify me, but I experienced this last time too. They will be fine. I checked for the green leaders and they are there. Still and all, even though science & experience tells me all will be well, I wait anxiously for March to see it so. They are a pretty color at least, as you see in the picture. I have included a picture of those same trees after they were burned in 2017.

My other picture is one of my mistake shots. As the picture shows, I just yanked off my boots and was getting my phone. I think I will make compilation of the various times I have pushed the button wrong and got pictures of my shoes, hands or just the ground.