Mayor Pete (again)

Mayor Pete
Went to Denizens in Riverdale Park, MD to see Pete Buttigieg. This was a bigger crowd event than the one I attended in Washington a couple weeks ago. I did not get to talk to him as I did the first time. I guess that is not surprising and probably a good sign that he is becoming more popular.

This was more in the nature of a political event too. He made the required affirmations. His keen intellect comes through when he answers questions. The first questioner was a troll (I think). He asked about Puerto Rico and phrased his question something like (as I best recall) “How can you help people who won’t work?” Buttigieg did not fall for it. He just talked about the need to help and respect American citizens.

Denizens is a nice place, a brew pub. I had a very good rye IPA. It was a nice atmosphere. Riverdale Park is a pleasant new development. I got there on Metro, Green line to College Park and then 20 minute walk.