Parque Farroupilha

Parque Farroupilha is a big urban park with lots of different features. It is designed to give some variety. When we lived in Porto Alegre, I used to run around the park. It is – was – not big enough and I would have to double back and go in loops, but the variety made it seem a little better.

We lived in Porto Alegre when I was in my early 30s. This is a tough time for erstwhile athletes. You just cannot run as fast as you used to. You fool yourself that somehow harder work will stave off the slowing. It does not. All that happens is that you pull some muscles more often. The good news is that eventually you get old enough that it doesn’t matter.

I appreciate the park now in a different way. I just like to look around and notice the things that I ran past too fast.

A cool thing is how the tree roots grow. Trees in the tropics and semi-tropics seem to develop much wider roots and bases. I took some pictures of these.