Mass timber conference

Springtime in Portland looks warmer than it feels. You can see the beautiful blooms in Holladay Park but you cannot feel the cold breeze.

Not really cold, just that I was tempted not to dress properly. We were doing building tours. One of the buildings, called the Dumbbell Building because it is two buildings connected by causeways, featured a fire drill just as we arrived. We had to stand outside. I went over to the sunny side, see below. It is much nicer to absorb the solar energy, but still cold.

The builder said that they spent half a million dollars on painting that pattern on the building. It is original art. The inside is nice with lots of exposed timber.

Other people on the tour maybe got more from it. I realize that you have to already know a lot to learn more from looking at these things. When I see a construction site, I just see construction. Colleagues see joints, trusses and a variety of ways to make it both beautiful and functional.