Around Washington

Well, I did not go to Liberia & Sierra Leone. Bureaucratic problem with my status. I will probably have a chance to go elsewhere soon. I got all my shots and visas for place I may never go, but it was interesting getting the visas.

I had to go myself to the Embassies, since it was a rush job. I rode my bike and got to see parts of Washington I had not seen for a long time. BTW, it is almost all up hill to the Liberian Embassy.

My first photo is Rock Creek. I rode the trails through Rock Creek back from the Liberian Embassy. I used to travel this route every day when I studied Polish. We lived near Silver Spring, MD and I would ride to FSI in Roslyn. Nice ride going down, not so much going up.

Second photo is the bike lane up 15th Street. It is a fairly pleasant ride. I like it that the cars can park at the far side of the bike trail. We get a wall of parked cars to protect us from the moving ones. But it is generally up hill to the Liberian Embassy and it is pretty steep past Meridian Park, see third photo.

Liberian Embassy is in photo #4. The flag looks a lot like ours.
Photos # 5&6 are Meridian Park. #6 shows a statue of Dante.