University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

I got my undergraduate degree from UWSP in 1977, a long time ago. It has not changed that much, physically. Some of the buildings and all of the trees are bigger. The buildings expanded mostly sideways, a few new wings. They completely shut off one of the main streets. As I said, the trees are bigger. I arrived at UWSP at the tail end of the big Wisconsin university building boom. The buildings were new and many of the trees just planted.

Some of the views are nearly identical to what I saw so many years ago. I don’t suppose that should be too surprising. Buildings are supposed to last more than a few decades.

Picture #1 is exactly the same view I used to have when I stepped out of my dorm. The difference is that back in those days they burned coal in that power plant, so there was smoke. Next is the view down the street. It is a lot longer walk, or seems that way, in the very cold winter. Picture #3 is the College of Natural Resources, UWSP’s specialty. Picture #4 shows a good example of “choice architecture.” They had trouble keeping kids from cutting through the grass and making paths. Simple solution is to make little mounds. Cutting across is no longer as attractive. My last picture is the gas station with Rocky Rocco’s and A&W. I wanted to go to each of them and found them together. So I got my slice of pizza with root beer.