Simple soil solutions

Went down U.S. 29 to see Simple Soil Solutions, a farm near Gladstone, VA where they are rebuilding soils through progressive grazing and then stopped at Madison, VA for a meeting with local tree farmers.
I always enjoy the drive down U.S. 29. It is very pretty with the Blue Ridge on one side and rolling hills on the other. There is usually not too much traffic. I used to drive that way regularly when Mariza Matel went to UVA (I am very proud that she graduated from Thomas Jefferson’s university) but now I have less cause to do it.

There are lots of charming little towns, wineries, apple orchards, as well as historical places like Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and James Madison’s Montpelier. It is very green and the temperature is a little cooler than in Washington.
My first picture shows Madison, Virginia. It has the usual Civil War monument in front of the public red-brick public buildings.
Next is a road sign I noticed describing the destruction caused by the remains of Hurricane Camile in 1969. They got more than 25 inches of rain in a few hours. 125 people were killed in Virginia when those rains flooded mountain streams and rivers. Note the the Hurricane hit Louisiana and Mississippi with the highest hurricane winds ever recorded to hit American land and was still powerful enough to cause havoc in Virginia.
The other two pictures are from the Simple Soil Solutions farm.