in Las Vegas steht ein hofbräuhaus

In Las Vegas steht ein hofbräuhaus. I wanted to walk around a little to see what could be seen. It is very hot in Las Vegas, 110 degrees and sunny. After about a mile and a half I saw an oasis, a hofbräuhaus. I stopped by and had the proverbial couple of beers. There was an old German guy there who told me of the great time they had last year when Germany beat Argentina for the World Cup.

The beer is good, but the art is a little diminished by the computerization. One of life’s pleasures is drinking a finely pored beer in a pleasant place and one of the great things about German beer is that getting the foam just right is is an art form. At the Las Vegas hofbräuhaus, they have a machine that does it perfectly each time. It is perfect, but I guess I prefer the corruptions of art. In true art, the process of creation is as important, maybe more so, as the finished product.

You can see the hofbräuhaus at the bend in the road, an unlikely piece of old Bavaria in the Nevada desert, but then Las Vegas has lots of such things. Contributing to the ambiance is that sidewalk. There is an interesting book called “A Pattern Language” that explains the attraction. The authors studied common architectural and landscape patterns, ones people all over the world agree are good and beautiful. One patter is the path that widens a little and curves with the goal visible in the distance, with a few trees and bushes along side. This is what we have here. There is a similar pattern near my house in Virginia, also pictured. Or the one with the massive oak, also near my house in Virginia. It is interesting the amount of pleasure provoked by a simple path. I would sometimes walk a mile out of my way just to walk on these paths.