Good bye to Brasilia & all that

I have less than a week left here, so almost everything I do is “for the last time.”  I sold my old car, pictured above.  It had only 7,000 miles, most of those put on during a few long trips.  But it is better to sell it here in Brazil than to take it home.

I went to the dentist for the last time.  Dentists are a good deal in Brazil.  They charge less, work faster and don’t give you a lot of trouble. I found that I could walk to the dentist office in reasonable safety.  It takes only around 35 minutes.  I don’t have a car anymore anyway, but even if I did, I prefer to walk whenever practical. You don’t always have a sidewalk and there are sometimes some steep walks, as you see above.

Brasilia is also changing quickly.   The old planned city is still around, but it is being replaced by newer and usually better features.  They are building lots of bike trails and pedestrian crossings.  If the original planners didn’t dislike pedestrians, they sure didn’t do anything to make their lives safer or more pleasant.  Brasilia’s current leaders are making up for some of this.