Listlessness & Going to the Dogs

I have not had much to write about.  The snow has held me down/in.    I have been reading a couple of good books.  The most interesting is called “Sonic Boom” by Gregg Easterbrook.  It has given me something to think about, but I have not thought it through yet.  

I feel a little responsible for the new “dog twitter” because it is made by Mattel, almost my name.  It seems that Mattel is going to sell a collar for your dog that allows the animal to twitter you. Read about it here.  

I miss the kids.   It is not that I see that that much when they are home, but I like them around.  Espen came home for the weekend last weekend; the now kept him at home for the rest of the week.  We were supposed to pick up Alex that weekend too.  The snow on last Friday stopped us, but we were able to pick him up for this weekend.  So we had both of the boys.   Too bad we didn’t have Mariza too.

As I said, we don’t really see much of the boys when they are home.  They tend to stay up late, go out with their friends and sleep much of the day. But we had a good lunch with them yesterday at Fuddruckers.  When I think back, I cannot think of anything specific, but I think that describes many good times.   It is just nice being together.

I drove Alex back to James Madison in Harrisonburg today. We dropped off Espen at George Mason on the way.  The trip back from Harrisonburg was lonely.  

I was in a bit of a hurry.  I wanted to get home before the new snow they were predicting and I had to get back by 3:50 to go to the dentist.   The good news I got today is that they can fix the problem.  The bad news is that toothache I mentioned requires a root canal, which I will get tomorrow.  It is not very painful any more, but it costs a lot.

I read a couple of interesting articles today about trees.   One talked about how trees are growing faster as a result of climate change.   Of course it is not all good.  Evidently less fog in California may do long term harm to the redwood forests.