Mesa Verde

Alex and I were at the ruins at Mesa Verde about this time last year. We also visited Choco Canyon. Chrissy and I later visited several Pueblo sites in New Mexico. It is a fascinating study.

The Pueblo lived in a fire prone landscape for more than 500 years. We can learn from their adaptions, even if we live in very different ways. They removed fuels both by frequent but small surface fires and by using wood as fuel in their settlements. In effect, they kept the woods clean.

To a very great extent, the “natural” forests the early Europeans found were the creation of these humans.

Had an interesting expedience talking to one of the guides at Choco Canyon. We agreed that we (i.e. modern Americans) could take valuable lessons from these earlier inhabitants of the land. Then she said an interesting thing. She said that she regretted that those good practices were not part or “our” heritage. My belief is that this heritage is the common heritage of humanity and that is a part our heritage worth knowing more.

My first pictures show the front and back of my Mesa Verde T-shirt. Other three are left over from last week. #3 is the 21st Amendment Bar and Grill. Chrissy and I went there for a beer before the Smithsonian program mentioned in earlier posts. There was a funny incident on the road in front. A women tried to cross against the light. A car came by and beeped at her. She was so enraged that they threw her McDonald’s bag at car as she drove away. No doubt, the driver was punished by this woman wasting her meal. Picture #4 is Jackson Park and last is a view from Earth Day Park.