Gambling at the Indian Casino
We stopped off at the Ho-Chunk Casino along the way. We visited Las Vegas a few times.  I like Las Vegas, but we never spent much money gambling.  Las Vegas is nice because hotel rooms and restaurants are good and cheap.  Ho-Chunk doesn’t feature these things.  We really couldn’t figure out why anybody wants to play gambling games.  They are like bad video games.
The gaming hall is ostensibly opulent but vaguely depressing. It is full of old people, many infirm, wearing expressions of joyless resignation while they feed the machines.  The whole place has an elusive smell of stale cigarette smoke.  It bought back memories of old bowling alleys and bars I used to visit during the 1970s.  I don’t understand the attraction.
Each of us spent $5.00.  I came out the winner and left with $0.11 on my ticket.  Chrissy had only $0.03.  We didn’t expect to win and the casino met our expectations. Some places are worth seeing but not worth going to see.  It was not far from our route; we saw it. I don’t suppose we will ever go back.
My top picture shows the casino. The one below comes from the Spam museum in Minnesota.  It is not related to the casino, but I thought the admonition to stay OFF the wagon seemed appropriate.

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