Visit to Holland & Belgium

I went to Brussels and the Hague to consult with the people at the posts there. I have been to Brussels many times. It is a pleasant city in many ways, but not really beautiful. It does have its beautiful parts, however. There are different layers. The center is a late Middle Ages guild city. Up the hill a little is the late 19th early 20th century art deco city. Nice neighborhoods from about 100 years ago (above).The art deco part of the city starts with this arch (below). I think it was once in a better location. Actually same location, but the rest of the city changed around it. The city has grown a lot when it became EU capital. Most of the growth was not good.

I stayed in the Courtyard Marriott. It was located in the middle of a park and running was good. I enjoyed my time in Holland. It was not exciting, but very pleasant, a nice place to relax.