Wandering in Washington & Virginia

Washington and Virginia are into one of the two best times for weather. First is April-May and now mid-September to mid-November. October is the best month of the year. You need neither heat nor air conditioning. Just open the windows at night, and you can be comfortable outside all day long.

On Sunday, I took advantage of the great weather to visit Great Falls with my old friend from Norway, Doron Bard. We used to hike and ski together when in Norway in the early 1990s. Great Falls is only 12 miles from Washington.

Today, I rode my bike to meet my IIP colleague, Tim Receveur. We had lunch as Circa at Foggy Bottom. They have a great outdoor place to eat and drink beer. I got there way early. I usually give myself a lot of time, but I was also helped along by a strong tail wind.
I took advantage to read my book, “Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution.” It is a good book about convergence, contingencies and the latest developments in evolution. The study of evolution had now become an experimental discipline and scientists think that it may happen a lot faster than the glacial pace postulated for so long. In other words, we can see it happening. This is good news. It means that life can adapt better to climate change and other rapid environmental disturbances.
My pictures show Great Falls, Washington today and photos from Circa, before the crowds arrived.