Internet Idiots

About a week ago, somebody sent a couple blank email messages to a large number of State Department recipients, me included.   I supposed it was a mistake and deleted them.   Most people did the same, but not everybody.   Dozens of our cognitively challenged colleagues insist on sending “reply to all” messages complaining about getting messages.   I suspect there is more than just stupidity at work.   My latest is from an ambassador who evidently is affronted that he cannot turn off the flow with a wave of his mighty hand.   It goes to show that high intelligence and high position do not always correspond perfectly.  

A couple messages created dozens more and are still creating them.  Some fool always wants to get in the last word.   Maybe some sociologists can understand this.  I can’t.  I just keep on deleting them. 

I want to write back on email to these idiots and explain the situation to them, but then I would just be among them.  I just have to get this frustration over with, so I am putting it here on the blog.  If anybody who responded to all in this recent email chain is reading this (and you know who you are) please understand that you are too stupid to be allowed to use Internet.  Turn off your computer and go away.   I know that it is unlikely that any of my readers are in this group, but I am sure we have all suffered from this sort of thing.