Walking Around

Above is the Washington harbor on the Anacostia.

Today was bright and cool with a persistent west wind.  I am still working on the CENTCOM assessment and getting sick of it.   Actually, I am just anxious to get to my ordinary job.    That is what I signed up to do and there are many places where I think I can add value … once I get to focus on it.

I don’t have anything good to write today, but I did walk from HST to NDU and have pictures. I have to walk around when I have a problem to solve or a system to understand. It makes thinking easier. Man is meant to be in motion. I just don’t think clearly sitting at my desk. I can sit looking at my work for hours w/o making much progress, but if I go out and walk around I have no trouble finishing when I get back. When you are clear on what you need to do, doing it usually easy. Besides, Washington is such a beautiful city and the monuments provide a constant inspiration for anybody working for the government.

Above are sycamore trees near the WWII memorial.

Above WWII Memorial looking east.

Above is the next generation of cherry trees around the Tidal Basin near the Jefferson Memorial. In a couple of months, this place will be covered in flowers.