Spring Training

Spring is arriving in Washington and with it the bike weather. I have been taking a roundabout way to and from FSI.  I have been riding my bike down to FSI, which is a nice morning ride that takes around 45 minutes.  But I don’t like to ride home, since the wind is usually against me and it is more uphill. So I go the other way at the end of the day, back down to Washington all the way to SW, where I can go to Gold’s Gym & catch the Metro on the way home after 7pm. It is a longer way around and more total miles than a return trip home, but it is nicer. I go a little out of the way past Jefferson onto the start of Haines Point.  But it is worth the trip to see Washington at this time of the year. 

The cherry blossoms will be out soon, but in the meantime I was watching some of the Metro trains crossing the river and the airplane coming from Reagan National.