Net Neutrality

The internet is an excellent example of government, businesses and people each doing their parts to innovate. Like all good relationships, no partner was too overbearing. They played important but separate roles. Government was a catalyst for innovation and provided R&D muscle, but not manage or plan innovation.

Innovation is synonymous with inequality. Early adopters take the risks and reap benefits. When innovations go mainstream, they turn. Some fret about “fairness”. Pocket calculators were “for the rich” some advocated bans in the interests of fairness. We talked about digital divides. Some demanded government create basic computers for all. The market got there first.

Regulation need not slow innovation, but it usually does. The quest for “fairness” slows innovation. It is a trade-off between innovation & inclusion.W developed one of the most remarkable systems in history and in a short time and made it generally available. Careful not to break it.