Park Ibirapuera

Spent the morning walking around my neighborhood and to the big Park Ibirapuera. It was a cool and drizzly morning, but w/o real rain, so not bad to walk. Lots of people in the park.
I concentrate on the trees in the first batch. I cannot identify many Brazilian trees, but I think that the purple ones in the first picture are pink ipê. In Brasilia they are mostly yellow. The trees in the second picture are Indian banyan trees. I know that because they were marked. Picture #3 I do not know, but if you look closely you will see that all those trees are one tree. Some grew from roots and others from drop down branches. The second last picture is a sidewalk on the way to the park. I like how they just let the trees grow into the walls and walk. Last is just a nice picture of the pond, path and trees.