Checking the fire on Freeman; planning on Brodnax

I got all the longleaf in the ground. There were only 334 total. I thought there were a few more, but I still almost didn’t finish. I spent too much time cutting brambles to get ready for the next planting, so the kids will not have to suffer too much. I also went over to the Brodnax place to talk with Adam Smith about the next burning there. We have make a fire line to the stream, which will provide the stop the rest of the way. See the picture. The water if very clean, so the SMZ is doing its job.

The other pictures are from Freeman. Science and experience tells me that the trees are okay, but it still scares me a lot to see all that scorch. Funny how trees next to each other can have such a different fire experience. I checked that really scorched one, the lower branches, more scorched. You can see in the last picture that the green bud core is intact. I figure if the lower ones are like that, the higher ones are too. But I will be more content in March when I can confirm the new growth.