Stewardship forest

I took advantage of jet lag and got up at 3:30am, so I got down to the farms about the time the sun came up. It is nice to drive in the very early morning, almost no traffic. I can listen to my audio book w/o having to concentrate on traffic.

Freeman and Brodnax are now officially Stewardship Forests. DoF Adam Smith did the necessary paperwork. The program recognizes that we are managing to increase economic value, while protecting water and air quality, wildlife habitat, and natural beauty. This is how I want to do things anyway, treat my land according to a robust land ethic, but it is nice to be recognized.

First picture shows me on Freeman with the sign and plaque. Adam came by while I was doing some cutting, making paths and trimming around some of the trees in anticipation of our prescribed fire that we plan to do in December. That is why I look a little disheveled. I should have taken off the harness, but just was not paying attention. The second picture shows the flowers in back of me. I noticed that they looked very nice, but that my body and the sign hid them the first time.