Forest History Society Durham, NC

I am down in Durham to join the board of directors of the Forest History Society. I went for the orientation today and we visited the future society headquarters.

The Forest History Society has an extensive collection of books and documents related to forestry. They also publish books and videos about forestry and ecology.

This is the Forest History Society webpage, gateway to blogs, publications, and videos.
The pictures are from the new headquarters. As you can see, it getting on toward being done. There is a lot of exposed wood and the structure is wood, as befits the mission. Lots of the material is donated by forest product industry. Notice especially the beautiful ceilings made out of southern pine.

One thing holding up the completion is the shortage of labor, especially skilled labor. I am hearing this all over the place. Unemployment is so low that it is hard to get anybody to do hard work, or sometimes skilled work. We are facing that problem planting and harvesting trees, and evidently with building too.

We also have our customary beer (or in this case for CJ wine) drinking pictures.They had a dinner for the board members that Chrissy and I got to enjoy.