Mosaic District on a Nice July Day

When we moved here, the “Mosaic District” was a big parking lot from a defunct drive in movie theater. There were a few businesses, including a tailor shop in a shack. It sits at about the same place today, but now it is part of a trendy new neighborhood.

The weather was unusually nice for this time of year – sunny with low humidity & high about 80. We thought it nice to walk over to Mosaic. Lots of other people had the same idea.
It is amazing how fast a “town” can spring up. Seems like it has been like this for ages.
My first two picture are the usual drinking pictures, but no beer this time. I had Fanta and Chrissy just had diet Coke along with BBQ chicken & Masala at Choolaah Indian BBQ, the only place they had open tables outside. Next is the open area. I suppose that is a kind of Mosaic square. They replaced the real glass with AstroTurf a while back. I suppose it is better given all the traffic. Last is a group of Asian break dancers. Is that cultural appropriation?