Mesa Verde 2

My last pictures for the day. I am posting my relaxing photos. They are all the same, but in different places. This one is in Carver Brewery in Durango, Colorado. They have good beer that they make on the premises.

On the walk back, we passed Durango Distillery. They are only recently in business and have so far made moonshine, i.e. clear and not aged whisky and vodka. They are in process of making a Bourbon-like beverage. It was aging in white oak barrels, but will not be ready for another two years. I tried the products on offer and bought a bottle of “Mayday Moonshine,” which I will share and enjoy with Chrissy when I get home.

My first picture is me and beer. Next is the brew pub outside, followed by the Durango Distillery. Second last is from the visitor center at Mesa Verde. I thought it was sort of artistic. Last shows our guide for one of the ranger programs at Mesa Verde.