Post harvest on Brodnax

Went to the farms to see the new trees planted last week. Alex’s friend Colin came along to help. There are approximately 6525 longleaf pine seedlings and 13,050 loblolly. Although it is hard to see them now, as you (cannot) see in the pictures. The clover we planted last fall is coming up well. You also cannot see that on the big picture, but I expect all will be evident soon. If you look at the closeups, you can see the baby longleaf pine and the new clover.

Longleaf at this stage look like tufts of grass. They stay in the grass stage for a couple years, while their tap roots develop, and then they shoot up. It rained today, which will help secure the future.

It will look nicer in a few weeks and very much nice in a few years. e also went to visit the older farms. There was a big flood a couple weeks ago. It must have been very high water, since it left sand way up on the banks of the creek, as you see in my last picture.