February 2016 forest visit 2/4

More on my February forest visits. I checked out the the new cut over and the thought about what to do next. I took advantage of the frozen ground and expected snow to frost plant a little more clover on the verges. We got a fair response from the clover the boys planted last fall, but the deer ate a lot of it. I think it will come back, but I tossed a bit more just case. I planted crimson clover and a hybrid called balanca.

I explored the area around the new gas pipeline. They claim that they are going to plant wildlife mix. If properly managed, they will have a long, narrow meadow, good for wildlife.

My main picture show how the loblolly quickly fill in to any open area. There are lots of little trees in the opening but notice that within the woods there are none at all. They will not grow in the shade of their own parents. The second picture are big loblolly. They will be ready for harvest in about five years. The third picture is the new gas pipeline. When the vegetation grows in, it will be nice and productive grass and forest edge. The last picture is a new cut-over. We will replant within the next couple weeks: 30 acres loblolly, 15 acres longleaf and an acre of bald cypress.