Moment of Zen

You find those moments of zen in obvious ones and some that do not make much sense. I had an unobvious one yesterday, as I was sitting waiting at the rental car place for Chrissy to pick me up. The view – below – just made me feel good.

My other pictures are just left over from the tree farm visit. It started to rain hard as I got to the CP unit. But since I did not want to waste the trip, I walked across the property anyway. The rain was warm and once you get soaked you don’t get any wetter by staying out. The first picture is one of the feed plots, a bit overgrown. It has been a good place for quail. The middle is one of the streams. I was happy to see that there was little mud in it despite the torrential rain. Last is my sycamore grove. It is natural regeneration, but I have been trimming out competing vegetation and trimming down the lower branches.

BTW – I had to rent a car to go down to the farms because Chrissy needed the car and Alex is took the truck to his National Guard service. I got a Dodge Charger only around $15 a day – good deals to be had at Dulles.