Yellowstone – postcard shots

There are two important things to keep in mind about the pictures.  First is that they do not do justice to the beauty and they of course cannot convey the sounds or the feelings in the air.  The second thing is more positive.  When taking the pictures, you are usually standing among a gaggle of other tourists.  The pictures give an impression of lonely serenity that probably no longer can be had.

The geysers are amazing.  There are lots of places on earth with hot springs. Geysers are rarer.  Yellowstone has more geysers than the rest of the world combined.  Yellowstone lays on an enormous volcano.  When it erupted, it was one of the largest ever.  It left a big hole with the magma still close to the surface. Below is Old Faithful.  It erupts regularly, every 30-90 minutes.

Yellowstone is very big and you can indeed find quiet spots away from the iconic sites.  The picture below is the Yellowstone River.

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  1. I have an excellent Blu-Ray disc which is a BBC production, called “Yellowstone – Battle for Life”. Strongly recommended.

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