Monkeys are inherently funny

Although they make a big deal about presenting the operation as a scientific endeavor, the monkeys are not really wild and they essentially perform for tourists. When they put out the fruit, the monkeys come. It is interesting to see them all swing on over. They look pretty buff. New World moneys have prehensile tails, i.e. they can grab onto branches with their tails.  Old World monkeys cannot. The red faced monkey above is called locally an “English” monkey, with reference to the red skin which the locals think resembles a fair-skinned Englishman with a sunburn.

The monkeys are not dangerous, but we were told that they might try to grab jewels or cameras. They did not.  They paid no attention to us at all. You can see Espen with the monkeys in the picture below. Espen is the one wearing the shirt.