Saturday in New York

The weather was nicer today; evidently Saturday will be the one nice day wedged between cold ones.  Today the wind had that soft feel; tomorrow back to the rough stuff.

We went to the Met today.  You can never spend enough time there, so we didn’t even try.  We just enjoyed what we could at the museum and then walked through Central Park to the Neil Simon Theater, where we saw the play “All the Way,” about Lyndon Johnson, starring Brian Cranston, who played Walter White on “Breaking Bad,” one of Chrissy’s favorite shows, which makes Cranston an actor she wanted to see in person.  It was a good play, worth seeing

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at Lindy’s Café, where they claimed to have the world’s best cheesecake.  I don’t know if it was best, but it was very good and very big portions.  Chrissy and I also had Irish coffee in honor of St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow.

It was a full day and fun.  Chrissy arrived yesterday.  Instead of taking a taxi, we used one of those bike taxis.  It costs a lot more, is less convenient and unsafe in the traffic.  It is something interesting to do – once, maybe once.  Actually, I would not recommend it.