New place for the old blog

I have been having trouble with my old blog page interface and it is no longer supported by the Yahoo host.  So I am moving here.  It is a little different format, but I will write the same simple stuff.  The old blog will continue to exist (I hope) but new I will make new entries here.

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  1. Hello Sir. Last year I purchased my very first home, on the corner of Dover and Austin. A few weeks ago I had to replace one of the heating radiators, and stuck behind the old radiator was a tax bill from 1956, addressed to Mr. John Matel. That must be your father? I believe I have purchased your childhood home?
    What a treasure it is to learn more about the history of this house! In searching and finding your blog, I learned that you planted the chestnut tree in 1966. I really like that tree. The fact that you’ve written a bit about this house on your blog must mean that it’s a special place for you? (I suppose any person’s childhood home would be a special place.) Well, it would be cool to learn more about the people who lived here before me. Did your family build this house? Has it always been a duplex? I am so happy living here. Know that your childhood home is filled with a love and an owner who believes that hospitality should always be a priority. Should you ever want to stop over, I’d be happy to welcome you in. And I would cherish any stories or memories that make this place special.
    Warm regards,

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