Bugging Out

Our exercise is over. After a mob protested at the embassy and suicide bomber blew himself up, causing a mass casualty event. We evacuated the embassy. The role players did a really good job. The Marines responded well.  It was a good experience for all.

This was literally a “rent a mob”. Contractors hired these guys to play angry locals. The same thing happens in real life, both in the U.S. and abroad. Whenever you see “spontaneous” demonstration, you are probably seeing a rent a mob at least in the core.  The professionals do a better job in front of the cameras anyway.

I learned or relearned some lessons about roles.  It is interesting how people play and become the roles assigned them, even if the assignments are mostly arbitrary.  Of course, we did have a artificial environment, but it reminded me that we have to be careful not to become our jobs, because you want to have something left with the playacting is over – in real life too.

Below is the tank wash.  As the amphibious vehicle come out of the salt water, they get washed down.

Below is the Marine bar “Iron Mike’s”  Iron Mike was one of the “real Marines” revered by all. 

Below is the obstacle course on the way to the ocean. I walked the course – and AROUND the obstacles – on my way back and forth to the beach cottage.  I did leap over a few of the logs until i skinned my knee. Not as tough as I used to be.